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    What to Expect From Your Follow-Up Visits with Your Orthodontist

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Follow-up visits are an important part of orthodontic care. During the visits, your orthodontist will track your treatment progress and make necessary adjustments to move you towards your goals. Skipping follow-up visits could prolong your treatment time and compromise your final results. Here are the answers to common questions about follow-up visits with your orthodontist.

    How Often Will I Need to Have Appointments?

    Your schedule for follow-up visits depends on the type of treatment you are getting and the nature of your orthodontic issue. On average, most patients with braces go to the orthodontist every four to six weeks. Follow-up visits for Invisalign treatments may be spaced out a little further. Your orthodontist will explain how often you will need visits for adjustments when he or she explains your treatment plan.

    What Happens at Follow-Up Appointments?

    At every follow-up visit, your orthodontist will examine your teeth to ensure that they are moving according to the treatment plan. During most visits, your orthodontist may also make adjustments to your braces or give you a new set of Invisalign aligners. These adjustments are done to ensure adequate pressure is being put on your teeth to move them. How adjustments are made depends on the type of braces you have.

    Are Adjustments Done at Follow-Ups Painful?

    You probably won’t experience discomfort during the course of your orthodontist visit. However, you may feel a little sore afterwards as your mouth adjusts. This discomfort should be short lived. Eating soft foods and taking over-the-counter pain medications can help.

    At Creekwood Orthodontics, our friendly team is always ready to answer your questions about your braces. Our Kansas City, MO orthodontic office offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic services for patients of all ages. Make an appointment with Dr. John A. Dorsch today by calling (888) 828-4419.  

    What Happens When You Get Your Braces Off?

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Getting your braces off is an exciting moment. You finally get to see the results of all of the hard work you put into taking care of your teeth while you had the braces on. Although your smile will undoubtedly look amazing after braces, you will need to invest some time into making sure it stays that way. Your orthodontist will explain aftercare procedures at the time your braces are removed.

    After you get your braces off, the most important thing is to be fitted for a retainer. Your teeth have a tendency to shift back to their original positions, and your retainer will train them to stay in their new spots. Your orthodontist will tell you how long you have to wear your retainer. Be aware that your teeth and gums may be sensitive after your braces are removed. You may be craving crunchy foods that were forbidden with braces, but take your time getting used to them again.

    Let Dr. John A. Dorsch and the team at Creekwood Orthodontics in Kansas City, MO help you maintain your beautiful new smile. Make an appointment now by calling (888) 828-4419. 

    Review for Creekwood Orthodontics | "This office is great!"

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    • “This office is great! the doctor spoke directly to my 9 year old son (who now needs braces and spacers) and made sure he knew what was going on. My son felt included and felt like he had a say in his treatment plan. Dr. Dorsch, and his staff took the time to answer all of our questions. They set us up with a payment plan, and my son is... More

      Leslie Tompkins

    The Invisalign Difference

    Last updated 16 days ago

    If you have crowding or spacing issues with your teeth, but don’t want to wear metal braces, then Invisalign could be the answer for you. Invisalign offers the same treatment results as traditional braces but without the obvious brackets and wires. This video explains more.

    Invisalign has a reputation for only treating mild orthodontic issues, but that idea is no longer true. Advances in Invisalign technology mean that it can treat nearly any issue that braces can. This means you can likely get the results you want by wearing clear aligners that are virtually invisible instead of noticeable metal braces.

    Is Invisalign the right treatment for you? Make an appointment with Dr. John A. Dorsch at Creekwood Orthodontics to find out. Schedule a visit to our Kansas City orthodontist’s office by calling (816) 454-6800. 

    How to Apply Wax on Your Braces

    Last updated 22 days ago

    If you wear braces, then you know just how important a little ball of wax can be. Wax is an immediate, effective remedy when your brackets or wires are irritating your inner cheeks or tongue. Applying a little wax can relieve soft tissue injury and reduce your risk of getting canker sores related to your braces.

    Applying dental wax is a straightforward process. After washing your hands, simply twist off a small piece of dental wax, being careful not to stretch it. Once you have an adequate amount, roll it into a small ball to warm it and soften it. Next, use your finger to push the wax onto the piece of your braces that is bothering you. Don’t press it too flat, or you won’t get enough protection. The wax should last for a few hours and can be replaced as needed.

    For more tricks for braces wearers, book an appointment with Dr. John A. Dorsch at Creekwood Orthodontics. We treat patients of all ages with several different types of braces and can help you select the right treatment option. Find out more by calling (816) 454-6800. 

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